Kundalini Yoga

kundalina yoga
Kundalini yoga is a type of yoga practice that centers more on energy rather than physical strength. This form of yoga shares many characteristics with tradition hatha yoga, but there is more of a focus on the spiritual outcome.

Kundalini is actually energy. Chakras, or energy fields, are along the spine. There is the belief that we all have these energy fields lining our spine from the base all the way up to the crown of our heads. There are seven chakras and they are believed to be directly tied into the organs, nerves and tissues of the body. If your chakras are blocked or disturbed, it effects your whole being. The Kundalini energy field is coiled up at the base of the spine and lies dormant and Kundalini yoga wakes lets this energy field rise up and awaken.

The poses that are associated with this form of yoga are believed to stimulate the glands and organs. By awakening the Kundalini energy field, you can help these body systems function more efficiently. As the Kundalini energy chakra is awakened by the practice of Kundalini yoga, all seven chakras work to balance the physical and emotional aspects of the body. Chanting while practicing this form of yoga helps awaken the energy.

Emotional Blockage and Yoga

One unique aspect of Kundalini yoga that sets it apart from traditional yoga is how it can help with past issues and not just balance your mind or bring peace in the present and future. There is the belief that all past emotional traumas, effects of physical traumas and fears are trapped inside of us. Actually, according to ancient beliefs, it is all trapped in our chakras. Our bodies hold on to these negative feelings and traumas. This creates a blockage of our positive energy fields. When you tap into and awaken your Kundalini energy through the focused practice of Kundalini yoga, you literally dissipate those blockages. This will open the positive energy pathways and lead to healing. This can be quite an emotional experience as these negative feelings and traumas are expelled through the yoga practice. This also leads to healing, rejuvenation and proper balance.

Requirements and Tips

Just as with any yoga routine, it is advisable to wear loose clothing that allows for the greatest amount of movement. You will also want to be barefoot. Different from other yoga practices, you can use a blanket. During the final relaxation pose, corpse pose, body temperature can drop and you can cover yourself with a blanket at this time to be as comfortable as possible.

You do not want to eat for two or three hours before doing Kundalini yoga because of the rigorous movements. Be sure to be hydrated before the routine is started. This form of yoga encourages toxins to be expelled from the body. Also, do not over do it. It may be tempting to push yourself more than you are ready for in an attempt to tap into the healing power of this form of yoga. However, sticking to a steady routine and slowly increasing your intensity is best to avoid any injuries.

Lastly, Kundalini yoga is best if done first thing in the morning. The early morning air is said to be purer and the mind is simply fresher at this time. This opens you up more to the healing energy of this type of yoga. You also have an empty stomach and the least amount of distractions. If you are open to the results, you may find Kundalini yoga works to awaken the positive energy inside and expel the negative that may be holding you back.